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About Me :
Meet the faces behind the posts

Over 20 years ago I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder 1.  For almost 20 years prior to my diagnosis I had suffered severe depression without really recognizing my hypomanic or even manic phases as problematic.  From the very beginning my Creative Expression : writing to acting, film-making to singing, dancing to photography, drawing to playing instruments, all were acts of self-healing and self re-CREATION..

Following my diagnosis at 35 years of age, I briefly attempted the conventional strategy of meds which led to my one and only psychotic breakdown.  It was the first time I actually felt truly out of control mentally, rather than emotionally.  I truly felt crazy, and it terrified me. Over the years, I tried therapy, to the degree that I could afford it, with no success.  And besides I never felt comfortable with practitioners who acted as authorities over extreme experiences they had never lived.

I vowed to find my way back to balance and a sense of peaceful control over my life seeking side-affect free healing modalities.  And for the last 22 plus years I dedicated myself to my healing journey discovering my unique health-style through my study of and practices informed by of Yoga, Meditation, Nutrition, Positive psychology, Buddhism, Astrology, Human Design, and Energy Medicine, to name a few.  The last 5 years I have been free of the extreme symptoms of Bipolar Disorder 1.  I continue to identify as having Bipolar Disorder 1 not because I am worried about returning to my past extreme imbalances, but because I recognize that I suffered CPTSD for such a prolonged time in childhood that the resulting dysregulation presented as Bipolar Disorder 1 and that the healing of my CPTSD is an ongoing process.  But this process of healing has been my lifetime's work and has brought me great joy and satisfaction personally and professionally.  What is better than turning what was one's greatest shame into one's greatest triumph?

During my odyssey I started collecting the following certifications:

  • Health Coach 

    • Institute of Integrative Nutrition -NYC

  • Yoga Instructor (Vinyasa/Kundalini) 

    • Hari Om School - Italy

  • Yoga of Sound Instructor

    • Heart of Sound - Hawaii

  • Yoga Breathing Coach 

    • Yoga Body School - Spain

  • Alchemical Astrologer

    • Certified by Alanna Kaivalya

    • & continuing my studies to become certified in Medical Astrology through the Academy for Astrological Medicine

  • Guide for Business & Career Success with Human Design

    • Divine Timing Online School

    • & continuing Advanced studies with Human Design You-niversity - Online

Upcoming Certifications in the next 6 months -

  • Flexibility Coach - Yoga Body

  •  Somatic Attachment Therapy Certificate - Embody Lab

BiPolar - Face Paint.jpg

I believe I am and you are a "work of art" in progress. 

In the photos to the left, I had my friend Haley Novander paint my graphic design of what life is like living with Bi polar Disorder. On the left side is the living death of depression where haunted trees hover over tombstones.  On the right side is the flowering spring green full of blooming mania.  And in between is me caught between these two extremes.  I now understand these states all as natural aspects of a wide spectrum of energetic experience.  Once upon a time - I would get stuck in the highs and get lost in delusional highs of mania  or mired in depression dreaming of suicide.  But no longer. 

Perfectly Imperfect Selfie with my earphone cord dangling revealing my "keep calm and energized" strategy of living with my personalized soundtracks.

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