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Discover Your Hero-ine's Journey Through your Astrology Chart

I walk you through each of the houses in your chart introducing you to the energies, personalities and inter-relationships of all of your planets and how they express  themselves in each house.  I also explain the significance of any asteroids, planetary patterns or other astral bodies that play a major role in your chart.  

At the end of the reading, you will get a very clear idea of how to use your unique planetary energies to pursue your dreams. You will also have gained a deeper understanding of who you are, and how to best optimize the strengths and challenges that are revealed in your chart. This reading serves as your gateway of awareness.




For further coaching on HOW to use your chart to embark on your Heroic Journey into a new life, whether it be your healing, life purpose, or (fill in your dreams) see - Heroic Journey Into the New You below on this page.

Explorations in Meditation - 
Falling in Love
w/ Your Personal Practice

When I first was introduced to meditation nearly 40 years ago, it felt like torture.  I didn't understand what the big deal was.  Sitting in one place, in a quiet place, staring a few feet in front of me, "watching my out breath" was a recipe for my inside screaming.  To be sure, over time, this intro to mindfulness meditation served me well over the years.

But I didn't truly "get" the value of consistently meditating until I studied and experimented with many types of meditations including mindfulness, pranayama, Vedic, mantras,  mindful journaling/sketching/photography/dance, Kundalini meditations, and so many more.  

THIS is your OPPORTUNITY to discover and create a personal practice that serves you EXACTLY the way you need in your life now and how to adjust your personal practice as your needs change in the future.

Image by Joshua Woroniecki

Heroic Healing Journey
Choose Your Adventure

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Heroic Journey into the New You
Choose Your Adventure

This is a coaching experience where we collaborate to create the healing into heroic journey, fine-tuning it to

your needs.  Included is the Hero-ine's Astro-Journey and/or the Meditation Exploration - in order to create a map and/or practice as a jumping off point.

Possible components of the coaching depending upon your preferences and goals could include  the following personalized practices and tools : Yoga Practices, Chakra - Balancing, Meditation Practice, Mantra Practice, Somatic Healing Practices, Creative Expression Practices including Dance, Writing, Singing, Goal-setting, Health-style evaluation, and much more.

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