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Energize Your Dreams & Soothe Your Soul
with Astrology in 2023  


Live Webinar :

How to Align w/ the Transformative Power

of Astrology Transits


Are you FEELING too -

  • EXHAUSTED to work

  • ANXIOUS to be social

  • COUCH-POTATO-LIKE to exercise?

Is  Destiny Mastering You

Rather than you

Mastering your Destiny?

 And WTF with Horoscopes that make more sense for your CAT than for you?

Tired of New Year's Resolutions that

go POOF after January 3rd?

Learn How to EMBODY Astrology for the Times

Embody Astrology_edited.png

Live 2 Hour Webinar 
Sunday, January 15th @ 2pm PST 

In 2 hours you will learn how to understand Astrology from the 

inside out and be able to apply this knowledge to your every day life.  Don't you want to be the Leader of your Pack

or the Deliverer of your Dreams in 2023 ? 

Heck YEAH!

Image by Tania Medina

Transform Yourself
and Your Life

with Astrology

  • Live 2 hour Webinar - Tickets still available for Sunday, January 15th @ 2pm PST

  • Edited Video Replay

  • Guided Meditation Audio

  • PDF Companion Workbook.



Led by Creative Wellness Coach & Astrologer Leela Davis integrating her life experience & professional practice into the mix.


Normally Valued at $75 - as part

 of the Holiday Abundance you 

 get it FREE when you use the 

 coupon code  2023TRANSIT .


This workshop covers

Register for FREE

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