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Finding the Wisdom in my Heavy Heart

You can find wisdom in the strangest places - you just need to be curious and ask some questions.

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This past week or so I have been feeling this malaise. Generally I try to keep away from media and its sturm and drang of the current end of the world. Rationally I believe I am generally fine or better than okay ... much to do with spiritual practice ... blessings that have come my way ... and yet this haunting of ghostly pains, exhaustion, an unrest. I just thought to ask, is this really all mine. People keep saying how in pain they are - and being an empath, could I be picking all this up?

Is it the eclipse? Am I detoxing? Where is it coming from and why the pain?

Sometimes there is no answer but to give ourselves the gentle compassion and sit with our pain in ease not struggle - acknowledge its dog-eared, rugged faced, hard - fought grace.

Our pain is the messenger we always try to kill. What if we welcomed it like a holy guest with a truth or truths we need to hear and to process? And instead of struggling against it, learn the language of our bodies signaling us to pay closer attention - instead of painting these signals with the broad strokes of the word in abstraction "pain"?

We sit together by a roaring campfire, spitting and sparking flames red, gold, orange, with tendrils of blue and white, under the winking stars in the blacky- blue face of the sky above holding us in its sight.

I am sitting with my sad dog of pain - and trying to discern his howls - his piercing cries that shred the sky into shiny blue metallic ribbons that are so cold they burn, sharp to the touch. They cut into my gut with a deep primordial meaning. It is my mission to understand them.


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