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Partnering w/ your Body in a Panic Attack to Find Peace

Your Body is your Best Friend when you learn its language - Part ONE in a Series

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When you feel fear responses in your body like:

  • tingly jangly energy buzzing under your skin

  • heart pounding,

  • breath short in sharp catches,

  • heat rushing to your cheeks,

  • legs weakening under you

And you are not “actually” in danger,

But FEEL like you are in danger.

Here is a calming practice you can do practically anywhere

The 4-8 Tranquilizing Breath

  1. Take a moment to BREATHE deeply through your nose allowing your belly to expand.

  2. Count slowly as you inhale: One-Two-Three - Four

  3. Hold: One-Two

  4. Exhale slowly through your nose (or if you are alone - audibly SIGHING releasing tension in your body as you count) ONE - TWO - THREE - FOUR - FIVE - SIX - SEVEN - EIGHT.

It is best to do this for 10 rounds - but any amount will start calming your nervous system.

This outbreath is not forced but like a deflating balloon.

If you have trouble counting to 8 you can purse your lips as if sipping through a straw.

If you have the opportunity - it is good to briefly note the thought/event that triggered your fear response on your phone or on a private note to yourself, so that you can journal about it later.


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